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23 January 11

How does drama mirror real life?

Drama is a combination of miserable and blissful happenings. In drama, these are the performances of an actor and an actress. They act or express distressing parts like; they are enduring pain and heavy feelings that make tem sob. However, they also act delighted like; cracking up some shaggy dog stories so that it would be something creative and different. Likewise, in life, it is also like a drama. There are parts that are sad and happy. And we are the characters, the actors and the actresses. We act or perform the episode of our lives. We handle it. For instance, where there’s a conflict, we shed a tear, having solidarity and making a move. But in the end, we share happiness and enjoyment in our lives. But the most important thing between drama and the reality of our lives are the lessons that we learned from our mistakes. In drama, it isn’t always having a happy ending. It could be tragic one. Just like in our lives, it’s result would probably a disaster if we would take the wrong path. And I believe if we take the right one, there are no regrets at al. We will be happy eternally.

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